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Blazy Susan Premium Silicone Ashtray (1 count)


Blazy Susan Premium Silicone Ashtray



  • Dishwasher safe
  • Assorted Colors
  • Additional bowl cleaner attachment
  • Made with premium silicone

Ash in style and ‌function, with the Blazy Susan Ashtray. This pretty-in-pink piece is a catch-all for all of your ash, whether it be from joints, blunts, or bowls too. In fact, it’s multi-purpose and will even help you clean out your bowl for clean, pure, tastes with every hit. Made with premium silicone, the ashtray is equipped with an extended bowl cleaner and is dishwasher-safe for even more ease and convenience. The tray has six notches around the edge to securely hold your joints or blunts without any worry over cherry drops or ashtray fires. Compact in shape, this mess-free, and flexible ashtray fits perfectly on side tables, or on rolling trays to elevate your aesthetics and routines.

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