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Colorful Ball Head Dab Tool (1 count)


Colorful Ball Head Dab Tool


Brand : Dab Tool
Category : Water Pipes
Tags : dab, dabbing tool, glass, oil, tool, wax

Gone are the days for old and traditional dabbers because aesthetics too matter and that is why you need to buy this elegant glass dab tool. A dabber is essential part of your dosing experience and choosing the right tool that has adequate surface area is of grave importance. Choosing the right kind of glass dabber tool is as important as it is to choose the form of concentrate and this glass dabber is all you need, so, grab it now.

This dabber tool is capable of loading the exact proportion for those who are dosing. The edge of the tool is essentially made to give you a smooth break and works smoothly with glass dab rig. It is also dominant for its preciseness. This pocket sized 5.2″ in length dabber is smart choice to buy as you get to carry it everywhere with you.


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