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GlueGar Glue for Blunt Wraps (1 bottle)


GlueGar Glue for Wraps


Brand : GlueGar
Category : Accessories
Tags : blunt, GlueGar, hemp, leaves, wood, wraps

GlueGar Rolling Glue is expertly manufactured with 100% plant based edible components and is produced through a Cellulose Ether process which produces polymers by chemically modifying cellulose. We combine distilled water and this specific plant adhesive to create incredible sticking strength without the need for harsh chemicals. It’s the ultimate glue pen for all your favorite types of rolls, woods, wraps, hemp, papers, and more.

Flavors: Unflavored Natural, Blazzin Berries, Baked Vanilla Cake, Warped Watermelon, OG Flavorless

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