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Hits Blunt Hemp Wraps 24/2ct (1 box)


Hits Blunt Hemp Wraps


The Hits Blunt brand was born from the catchphrase “Hits blunt” in reference to having a silly “stoner thought” after taking a hit from a blunt. The brand has adopted a guy wearing a hoodie tightly around his face and looking stoned off into the distance as their mascot, and his face is on the front of the display box and each pouch. Hits Blunt is a super popular meme page on Instagram, and they boast a $10,000 contest for funny Hits Blunt memes to be submitted on the back of all their packaging. These give your customers a fun activity to do for a chance to win money!

HITS BLUNT | The Hits Blunt brand was born from the viral “hits blunt” meme that has a guy wearing a hoodie and looking stoned, like his mind was blown by something his friend just said. They use this image as their branding and put it on their displays and packaging.

ORGANIC HEMP | These wraps are made of premium organic hemp. There is no tobacco and no nicotine.

SLOW BURN | These hemp wraps are a great option for people looking to switch to tobacco-free wraps. They still provide a slow, even burn and that same blunt smoking experience.

24CT DISPLAY | Each pouch of Hits Blunt wraps is resealable and includes 2 wraps. The POP display includes 24 pouches.

Flavors: Sweet, Original, White Grape, Blueberry

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