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Medusa Tap Out Blend Cartridge 2000mg (1 count)


Medusa Tap Out Blend Cartridge 2000mg


Brand : Medusa, MODUS
Category : CBD
Tags : cartridge, CBD, Delta-11, e-juice, Medusa, Modus, thc, VAPE

The Modus Tap Out blend cartridges contain a potent blend of Delta-11 THC + THC-X + Delta-8 Liquid Diamonds + THC-B & (cannabis derived terpenes) CDT. Modus prides in giving users quality products that are consistent and satisfying. These quadruple blends of cannabinoids extracts are sourced from hemp plants made in the US. The Modus Tap Out Blend 2-gram cartridges come in 7 delicious strains and are designed to any standard 510 Thread Battery. All Modus products are derived from 100% USA grown hemp and federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill Act.

Brand: ,
Flavors: Pie Hoe, Snow Cap, Gush Mintz, Lemon Vuitton, Zlushie, Trap Star, Jealousy Juice, Gator Breath

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