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Ooze Quad Flex Temp 510 Battery (1 count)


Ooze Quad Flex Temp Battery


The Ooze Quad battery is a 510 thread, 500mAh vape pen battery with a square shape. This new shape actually protects the cartridge, your battery will never roll off the edge of the table, cracking your cartridge again! This is a flex temp device; cycle through the 4 voltage levels by clicking the button 3x. This battery will shut off after sitting idly for 12 minutes, which greatly extends the time between charges. Each Quad includes an Ooze Smart USB charger, as well as a USB-C charging port on the very bottom.

500mAh Battery
4 Temperature Settings – 2.7v | 3.2v | 3.7v | 4.2v
12 Minutes Auto Shut Off
15 Second Preheat Mode
510 Thread
Charging From Both Ends – USB Smart Charger, USB-C Charging Port

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