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Smoxy Odor Eliminator Candle (1 count)


Smoxy Odor Eliminator Candle


Brand : Smoxy
Category : Accessories
Tags : deodorizing, odor, removal, scent, smell, Smoxy


  • Eliminate Nasty Odors – Keep your indoor space smelling pleasant all day. Our scented candles for home work great for helping remove unwanted smells from smoke, cooking aromas, or pet odors.
  • Deodorize Any Space – Remove lingering smells in any indoor space with odor eliminator candles. This smoke candle leaves an enchanting scent in your home, office, study, living room, or pet area.
  • Safe For The Whole Household – Forget about using air freshener sprays that may have harmful chemicals. Our odor eliminating candle is made of palm wax that doesn’t give off overpowering fragrances.
  • Effortlessly Fresh-Smelling Home – No need to keep spraying deodorizers all over your room. Just light up these smoke eliminator candles for home, lay back, relax, and breathe in great-smelling air.
  • A Suitable Present – Can’t decide on a gift for a special day? Our pet odor candle or smoke odor candle makes a thoughtful Christmas, birthday, or housewarming present for a friend or loved one.
Flavors: Birthday Cake Kush, White Flower Strain, Purple Haze, Jazz Queen, Vanilla Dreams, Orange Soda, Jazz Train, Lilly Hammer, OG Kush, Berry Baby, Grapefruit Express, Forbidden Fruit

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